The Skulls in Toronto 1977

Brian Goble, Gerry Useless and Joey Shithead talk about The Skulls' sojourn in Toronto in the winter of 1977, and their abandoned plan to move to London, England. (Note: Webisodes are not scenes from the Bloodied But Unbowed documentary film; they consist of extended interviews, outtakes, and material shot specifically for

Skulls TO screenshot


After the Skulls split up in early 1978, Joey Shithead began forming a new band, auditioning drummers and bass players...

DOA 1979

The Subhumans

The Subhumans were one of the most dynamic, talented and prolific bands of the Vancouver punk scene...

subhumans live 1979

Stone Crazy

Before the Skulls, before 1977, there was a group of long-haired miscreants from North Burnaby who called themselves Stone Crazy...

stone crazy

The Skulls

In the summer of 1977, after seeing The Furies in July, followed by The Ramones in August, Stone Crazy decided to dedicate themselves to punk rock. To mark the transition, they renamed themselves The Skulls.

skulls by denton

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