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| January 20, 2011
San Francisco screening Friday, Feb. 11 2011
Scott Beadle | November 08, 2010
Originally fronted by a female singer, Insex's first show with Karl Shewman (AKA "Karlin Sex") was May 23-24 1980 at the Smilin' Buddha, opening for the Subhumans...
Scott Beadle | October 04, 2010
Tunnel Canary used cheap, customized electronic technology, employed bold fashion and gesture in their performance, and unleashed an extreme musical statement upon their audiences. Back in 1979, few people knew how to describe Tunnel Canary's free-flowing, largely improvised wall of noise, featuring cascading sheets of cathartic rage and abject fury interposed with feedback and drone-like passages...
Scott Beadle | September 12, 2010
Bloodied But Unbowed is airing on the Knowledge Network, Sept 28 at 10pm
| September 12, 2010
"Punk documentary Bloodied but Unbowed finds a fan in Toronto filmmaker Colin Brunton" By Adrian Mack, September 9, 2010, The Georgia Straight
Scott Beadle | September 03, 2010
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| May 28, 2010
For photographer Bob Strazicich, the Bloodied But Unbowed premiere was a celebration... that ended in stitches!
Scott Beadle | May 10, 2010
Vancouver’s location as the northern terminus of a west coast punk touring circuit meant that there was an inevitable north-south cultural dialogue...
Scott Beadle | May 10, 2010
The Payolas were formed around the musical partnership of singer/guitarist Paul Hyde and lead guitarist Bob Rock...
Scott Beadle | May 07, 2010
On Canada Day, 1 July 1978, members of Vancouver’s punk subculture co-mingled with members of the radical hippie counterculture for a free punk concert in Stanley Park...