Bloodied But Unbowed finishes Japanese engagement - photos added!

Susanne Tabata and her crew are finally back from Japan after a month-long series of screenings. It was a resounding success, highlighted by a one month run in Shibuya in Tokyo, supported by Base Records and sponsored by Theatre N, which is run by the Nippon Shuppan Hanbai, Inc.

We met so many amazing and creative people — you are all an inspiration!! Thank-you for your support!!
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BBU JP banner

Bloodied But Unbowed's gracious hosts in Japan:
From left to right: Masao Nakagami (Tower Records), Junya Kondo (Theatre N) and Toshio Iijima (Base Records).
Japanese host trio

A highlight of the journey was a 5-band rock show plus movie screening in Gifu City, co-sponsored by Ants and Skull Skates Japan. The local bands were great and the two Kyoto bands Liquid Screen and Anti-Spectacle included members who had previously supported D.O.A. and the Pointed Sticks on their Japanese tours.
BBU JP Skull Skates

Snapshots from Gifu:
Gifu morning afterGifu gangOddball

Snaps from Base Recordshop:
base signbase toshiobase interior

A couple marquee shots:
marqueemarquee inside