Battle of the Canadian punk films: "Toronto vs Vancouver smackdown, bring it on!!"

"Punk documentary Bloodied But Unbowed finds a fan in Toronto filmmaker Colin Brunton," by Adrian Mack, The Georgia Straight (link to article)

Acclaimed Vancouver punk documentary Bloodied but Unbowed may have been rejected by the Toronto International Film Festival for being “too local”, but director Susanne Tabata is delighted by the response from Toronto filmmaker Colin Brunton.

Brunton began his career in 1978 by covering Toronto’s punk scene in The Last Pogo. These days, he produces Little Mosque on the Prairie, although he has also been at work on a retrospective called The Last Pogo Jumps Again: A Biased & Incomplete History of Toronto Punk Rock and New Wave Music Circa September 24, 1976 to December 1, 1978.

Tabata told the Straight that Brunton had been “tracking our activity” and had e-mailed her when he learned that Bloody wasn’t playing at TIFF, writing: “Toronto versus Vancouver smackdown, bring it on motherfuckers!”

“So he’s issued a contest between the two cities for punk films of the era, and I think that’s pretty fucking cool!” said Tabata. “The idea is to get these films to show, side by side, in Toronto and Vancouver.” Whether or not that happens — let’s hope it does — Bloodied but Unbowed can be seen on the Knowledge Network on September 28.