Fast Forward Weeklly (Calgary) reviews BBU at Sled Island Fest

Fast Forward Weeklly (Calgary) reviews BBU at Sled Island Festival, by Mark Teo. Filmmaker Susanne Tabata, who lovingly directed Bloodied, isn’t saturating punk’s cinematic canon. Instead, she focuses on strict parameters: Her lens narrows in on Vancouver’s punk scene, which also included “noise bands, sound art and sparse electronica.” The film’s time frame ends in 1981, when DOA revolutionized the game with Hardcore ’81. And she goes to great lengths to establish Vancouver’s distinctiveness: The city, she says, drew its influence from west coast America, a lineage that still exists today."

Bloodied Good Documentary: Susanne Tabata uncovers Vancouver’s early punk scene
Fast Forward Weekly (Calgary) June 14, 2012 by Mark Teo in Film Features

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